Welcome to – Crăița Merelor „The Place”!


A concept Villa designed for people who wish to relax away for the rush of the city, in an enchanting apple orchard. " The Place" is located in the most famous Apple Orchards region from Romania : Voinesti

The villa is meant to be booked in full and we offer:

6 double bedrooms
7 bathrooms
Fully equipped kitchen
Livingroom 50m2
12 persons dining space


Terrace, Wooden Swings, Hammock,

Outside Jacuzzi, Firepit, Barbeque  

Vegetable Garden 

8000 m2 Apple Orchard

Crăița Merelor "The Place"

A concept Villa designed for people who wish to relax away for the rush of the city, in an enchanting apple orchard. " The Place" is located in the most famous Apple Orchards region from Romania : Voinesti, where you will find plenty of space for you to connect with yourself, to spend quality time with your family or enjoy a celebration with friends. Yoga retreats, Team Buildings, Board meetings, or family and friends gatherings - the space is perfect for all of them. Here, you will find everything you need and more : fresh roasted coffee, fresh fruits and homemade goodies. When creating the space we have thought about remote working needs, offering you a dedicated desk space and a high speed wi-fi connection.

Our story

In 1989, the construction of the cellar in the orchard began, and in 1994 the house was completed. A generous space , designed for our soul: to be "home" and to offer us plenty of space to spend the holidays together with the extended family. For over 20 years, we took care of it, we made small improvements and it has served as a shelter for the apple harvest. In 2020, we have decided that it was time to share our lifetime project with other beautiful people and that's how the concept of the Apple Orchard Villa was born. After a year of intense work, a project created together with a talented designer, a lot of passion and determination, the dream has become a reality. "Craita Merelor The PLACE is the place where dreams come true, and nature is at home. " The villa has been opened to the public since 2021. We can proudly say that we have focused on creating a space with a unique, warm design, which will offer you the comfort of a luxury hotel, and the peace and beauty of the nature that embraces you at every step.


Located at only 2 h from Bucharest, 2h from Sinaia and Bran, in the Voinesti Apple Area, Craita Merelor "The PLACE" can easily be reached by car at any day of the week and time of the year. Henri Coanda Airport is located in the northern part of Bucharest, very close to the exit road towards the Villa. You will be located in the most appreciated apple area in the country, also known as "The Apple Homeland", surrounded by Apple trees and beautiful hills, covered by dense forests. The Apple Orchards have been in our family for over 70 years, and here you will find delicious apple varieties, some of them, created right here, in Voinești by the researchers from the Voinești Fruit Research and Development Institute. Just to name a few, "Generos" and "Dacian" can be discovered and tasted during autumn. In the last 40 years, we have sprinkled in the 8000 m2 orchard, over 8 varieties of apples, 2 varieties of plums, 6 varieties of pears, 6 varieties of cherries, nectarines, peaches, quinces, blackberries and raspberries, strawberries and even a fig. The exotic star of our location is represented by "Nordic Bannana Tree" also known as The Paw Paw Tree, original from Canada, ready for harvest at the end of August. It surprises you with Mango texture, whereas the taste is a mix of pineapple, banana and mango, sheltered by a tall and vigorous tree. The Tulip Tree, together with Ginkgo Biloba are unique in the area and we are happy to see them grow in our orchard. Every spring we bring to life our dear Veggie Garden. We carefully plant the vegetables in the courtyard of the Villa, meant to offer you a fresh and tasty breakfast or delicious salads. Here you will find a variety of tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, peppers, eggplants, potatoes and even carrots and beets.


The geographical location of the Villa, makes it the perfect place both to relax or to visit the historical nearby places. Located on Paralela 45, just 1.5-2 hours from Bucharest, Sinaia or Bran, and only 20 minutes from Targoviste, Crăița Merelor The PLACE offers you the possibility to easily discover our country. Pleistocene shells - a piece of history close by. Just 10 minutes' walk, away from orchard, you will find a place worthy of the blue sea breeze: a hill, made out of fine sand and seashells... fossilized. How is that possible? Over two million years ago, the beautiful orchard was the bottom of the sea, where, over a very long period of time, remains of marine life were deposited. In addition to a relaxing walk in nature, you will also enrich your vknowledge of geology. Vârtop Wooden Church Leaving the streets of the village, after a 30 minutes walk , you can stop on the hills filled with tall Cherry trees, where you will find the Wooden Church of Vârtop, dating from 1713. The church was built on a foundation of boulders, as we can see even today. The Vârtop hilltop, looking over the Candesti Village, was the place chosen to build it. The church has recently been rehabilitated, can be visited without restrictions and admired, in this fairytale place. In Targoviste, the former capital of Wallachia, you can visit the ruins of the Royal Court, 9 different museums or Dealu Monastery, the place where the first book from Wallachia was printed, in 1508. Her, you will find as well the National Museum of the Romanian Police, the ONLY museum of this profile in our country, being inaugurated on July 7, 2000 Potcoava Mountain Hideaway, an amazing horse retreat, can be reached after a 50-minute drive. On your way up to the mountains, you will stop at a special equestrian center, in the village of Runcu. Surrounded by fresh air and a traditional menu, you can spend a wonderful day, learning how to ride a horse or take a 3-hour mountain horseback riding trip with the wonderful Haflinger horse, a mountain horse race from the Tyrol region.


'Apple Picking Events' The Autumn is the magic season. The green orchard is now filled with red, crunchy and extremely delicious apples. Here, you will find the famous Jonatan “of Voinești”, the oldest and tastiest kind of apple in Romania. You have over 10 different varieties to pick and enjoy, including: Jonathan, Golden, Florina, Generos, Starkrimson, Ciprian, Voinea, Gala. We are happy to share with you our family story, teach you how to pick apples and together experience the apple picking season. Kids just love it! Special Events Photography As soon as the Spring brings nature to life, the orchard becomes the perfect place for an astonishing photo session, under the bloomed trees. With open heart we are welcoming you to create unforgettable memories. With over 20 photo sessions organized in the apple orchard, we are extremely happy to offers the perfect space, to create the most beautiful stories. Spring offers a fairy of white-pink apple blossoms, bright green grass and a window of only 2 weeks, at the end of April, in which we can enjoy this wonderful scenario. Autumn, is also the season where the red apples bring the fairytale feeling to the orchard. Picnic or Brunch in the Orchard The perfect space for a relaxing picnic ! Whether you are aiming for a quiet family picnic or you wish to organize a Wine and Cheese Brunch with your friends, we are looking forward to seeing you! The orchard is ready to embrace you, delight you with the trill of birds and to offer you a space only yours, to enjoy a wonderful day. Yoga and Femininity Retreat In 2021, we started this journey by organizing 2 Yoga and Femininity Retreats, where the participants have enjoyed a journey to self-discovery. "In order to discover your inner strength, you need awareness, will and practice. This trip comes with a single ticket, one way. Because once you begin the journey of self-discovery, you will discover an infinite world. When you learn to be feminine, everything changes, starting with yourself, ”Laura. Upon request we can also organize private events.

House rules


No smoking inside the villa!

We leave our shoes
at the door

We offer disposable slippers


We welcome them outside

12 adults

+ 4 children under 10
who can sleep on sofa beds.


We offer you fresh breakfast
ingredients from our orchard

Fresh fruits
available for takeaway

While here, you can eat as many fruits as you wish.
Take away fruits or vegetables will be charged at the location.



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